Bionic Rose Ladies

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Run the gauntlet of roses, spiky lemons, lantana and citrus with your hands and arms protected by these genuine Cabretta Leather Bionic gloves combined with thorn and cut resistant material.

Reinforced padded, thorn resistant palm area and individually stitched thumb area for superior fit.

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Glyn My specialist doctor friend in the USA purchased a pair of bionic gardening gloves for me to try approximately 16 years ago because I was beginning to suffer from osteoarthritis in my hands. Lo and behold, after I wore these gloves with so much support, I was able to continue gardening for longer without much pain. After my introduction to these “marvellous” gloves which were designed by an orthopaedic surgeon for people who suffer from crippling arthritis, I still continue to purchase these gloves. As a matter of fact, my friend has just recently sent a present to me for my birthday, and have a guess what it was – bionic gloves! My osteoarthritis is much worse after all those years, and I rely so much on these greatly made, joint supporting gloves. This is my true story.

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