Deejo Blue Anchor Tattoo


The Deejo Tattoo Anchor 27g is part of the Deejo tattoo collection. The name says it all, these pocket knives are enhanced with artistic tattoos on the blade. This pocket knife is enhanced with a tattoo of an anchor and a blue plastic handle. The tattoo collection demonstrates how artistic Deejo is. With such a tattoo each knife will get a newer, deeper meaning. Like paintings these pocket knives can definitely be called works of art!


This Deejo pocket knife has a handle made from translucent polycarbonate: a hard and translucent material. Polycarbonate can withstand high temperatures and is light-weight and solid. Perfect for a pocket knife that will be used on a daily basis! Deejo has given the handle a hip colour which gives the knife a little extra flair. Perfect for the modern woman or gentleman who appreciates a bit of colour in his or her life.

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