Tuatahi Throwing Axe – Dragon Print


Each throwing axe is individually handcrafted by big strong men who are Axemen themselves! They have extensive knowledge on various wood types that are used around the world. These blades are made from the highest quality steel and are hand forged and heated individually. Each blade edge is chiseled to perfection and are ready to throw. The blade is 155mm and weighs around 1.3 kilograms. Secure your opportunity to own one today! Be one of the lucky few that get to boast that they own an amazing hand crafted Trophy piece. This one of a kind, hand burnt piece of art is breathtaking. From a distance you will be amazed, as it appears . The closer you get the more detail you will see and appreciate the skill the artist has to achieve this amazing realism. This piece is designed and patiently hand burned by one the best wood burners in the world. It is unique and one of a kind, waiting for you to be the lucky person to take it home.

SKU:- TTA22A Throwing Axe that is made to last and go to work, or just hang like a trophy on the wall or above the mantle. Tuatahi specialise in making the highest quality axes. These axes are all individually hand made, hand forged with the highest quality tool steel, individually heat treated, etc. Each is a unique piece of art.

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