Castellari Universale 72


These are professional Curved striking shears. This design prevents kick-back on the wrist and their curved shape allows the gardener to keep the branch in place during cutting.They have considered both left and right handed users. With this model the universal grip allows right and left handed operators to use them comfortably.

The counter-blade and handle are made out of a hot-forget light aluminium. The surface treatment with anodising makes the shears more resistant over time. The surface is then covered with resistant material. The high percentage of carbon steel in the blade is hot forged. The mould creates a cavity in the blade that reduces friction and increases branch penetration. All of this makes these secateurs very long lasting and easy to use.

Universale pruning shear a very light weighing only 210 g. They are suitable for all types of cutting. grapes, fruit, olive and gardening.

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Very versatile tool. Right-handed and left-handed grip.


Code: Universale K04

Weight: 210 grams

Cut width: 25mm

Hands: Right

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