Connector pipe for Hayate


Connector pipe for the Silky Hayate Pole Saw .NOW you can attach the Sintung ratchet lopper head to your Hayate Pole Saw. Prune flimsy branches that a saw blade can’t prune.

– Replaces the Hayate blade in just a couple of minutes

– Will prune branches up to 50mm (2 inches) in diameter

– Comes with 17.6′ of pull cord with a wooden handle

SKU: 16377HAHT

Sintung lopper heavy gauge To order click on Sintung Lopper

Connector pipe for the Hayate Pole Saw

It attaches to Hayate pole saw and it allows to connect the Sintung lopper head on it.

– Replaces the Hayauchi/Hayate blade head in just a couple of minutes and offers precise easy pruning.

– Easy pruning of branches up to 50mm (2-inch) diameter.
– Comes with 17.6′ of pull cord with a black hard plastic handle
– Extremely high-quality product designed to match Silky quality
The lopper will prune branches that are too flimsy for a saw to cut!

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