Japanese Cultivator Ho Mi Style – Gardening Sickle


The Japanese Cultivator will become indispensable once you have used it. It has been tried and tested in many gardening tasks from planting bulbs, to weeding, thinning seedlings, scraping weeds on garden edges to planting seeds.

Not to mention chopping root balls when re-potting.

With a 290mm handle and 125mm blade it is well weighted and balanced for easy use.

Arthritis sufferers will find this easy to use due to its ergonomic shape making it easier to dig with than a garden trowel and giving you greater leverage for lifting plants.

SKU: MICH-92421213

So many uses for one tool.

Perfect for trimming back grass, weeds or soft plants in or near other delicate species that might be harmed by machinery.

When used on long grass, this tool is also excellent for producing mulch for garden beds and base material for composting.

A tool as old as agriculture itself, the sickle’s basic design has been unchanged for centuries. This tool incorporates a high quality sharpenable raked blade, making it easier to make cuts near the ground without requiring the user to bend all the way down.

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