Nisaku Hori Hori with Serrated Blade


Hori Hori is a knife and saw all-in-one. Made in Japan with quality stainless steel, it has the inches and cm measurements engraved on the blade.

You can use its point to dig out, or its serrated edge to cut off larger weeds or its smooth edge to cut off small weeds


The Hori Hori (rough literal translation: dig-dig, though it is called by many names) is one of the most versatile and useful gardening tools you’ve never used.

With its sharpened sides and point, and serration on one side it looks like a knife, and can be used as one for cutting anything you would use a knife for in the garden, but it is much more than just a knife . The scalloped blade of the Hori-Hori makes it incredibly strong allowing you to also use it as a digging tool.

This lovely little tool has been made with longevity in mind, with a comfortable wooden handle and stainless steel blade. We recommend wiping down with a light oil or saw cleaner after use for maximum life. The edge can be honed with a whetstone or diamond file.


Overall length: 32cm

Blade length: 18.5cm

Blade width: 4cm

Ships with leather sheath, including retention clip and belt loop.

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