Saws for Pruning Bromeliads


Fantastic tools to use when growing and maintaining Bromeliads.

Pocket Boy: The extra fine teeth on this saw are designed to cut dry hard wood and fibrous material, great for cutting bromeliads in one clean swipe of the blade. Available in a 13cm & 17cm blade length. The 17cm blade is great for getting into tight spots, due to a pointier edge at the end of blade.

Fine Tooth Blade Pocket Boy 17cm- 342-17, Fine Tooth Pocket Boy 13cm- 342-13, Extra Fine Tooth Pocket Boy 17 cm- 344-17, Extra Fine Tooth Pocket Boy 13cm- 344-13.


Billhook: If you need to cut off quite small pubs then a sharp knife is your answer! Baladeo billhook is only 9cm long and super lightweight at only 41 grams. So great for your customers to keep in their pockets to remove the baby pups. These are very comfortable in your hand and so easy to use.

Baladeo Bill Hook 11cm- ECO080

Baladeo Bill Hook 9cm- ECO150

Mini Mini Hobby Saw: If you grow bromeliads and find it hard to separate the pups, then you should get a mini-mini. They are a unique little saw that cuts on the push and pull stroke. Hobby makers of toys and small woodworkings love them. And so, apparently do bromeliad growers. Mini Mini hand saw is one of a kind, fantastic for cutting dry hardwood! Bromeliads are a hard and dense material, so having super small teeth on this saw means you will get through the cut quickly and efficiently. Mini Mini wood saw has 24 teeth per 3cm making it the perfect saw for removing pups of Bromeliads.

Wood Mini Mini Hand Saw- 162-15

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