Powerful, tough and ready for the big jobs

The Honda Buffalo Range, includes the HRU216 Buffalo Pro Self-Propelled mower. This beauty is ideal for large sized lawns and the serious contractor with a self-propelled operating 3-speed gear box allowing you to vary the speed as you go. Its standard mulching feature saves you time with fewer stops to empty the catcher, returning nutrients to the soil and reducing evaporation. Like all HRU mowers, the HRU216 is assembled in Australia and is built tough to handle all environments and conditions.

Ultimate engine durability

Cast iron bore

How low can you go

Single level adjusts all 4 wheels to cut the way you like

Added user protection

Rear safety shield

Mow with ease

Powerful self-propelled engine with 3-speed gear box

Key features

  • Tough and Durable

Ideal for large lawns, the HRU216 Buffalo Pro has a high-quality 21” alloy cutting deck. The large, durable 70-litre hard Dacron catcher means less stopping and more mowing. Using the mulching function on the HRU Buffalo Pro is the most efficient way to fertilise your lawn. To finish the job off, the swing back blade cutting system delivers a professional finish while improving the quality of your lawn. Featuring a powerful GXV160 4-Stroke engine, get the job done with a Honda finish, every time!

  • Self-Propelled

The HRU216 Buffalo Pro mower is Self-Propelled and features a 3-speed gear box. This lets you adjust the mower’s speed to between 2.5 – 5 km/h. This adjustable speed setting really makes a difference especially when mowing through the larger lawns. So you can mow longer without the sweat!

  • Mow-Safe Technology

Bridging the gap between efficiency and safety, the HRU216 includes a blade brake technology that stops the mower blades within three seconds of the operator releasing the handle, whilst the engine continues to run. This feature means you can safely leave the mower running while you clear away any obstacles, empty the catcher or take a quick break, all without needing to restart the engine.

  • 4-Stroke Technology

Honda goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure best-in-market quality. Our legendary 4-Stroke engines are no exception. The HRU216 Buffalo Pro mower runs on unleaded fuel, so you’ll never get your hands dirty having to mix oil and petrol again just to get the thing going! This is thanks to its 4-Stroke advantage, plus you’ll also get premium power and torque so it’s a win, win! Plus, you’ll enjoy a reliable, starts-first-time engine.




RRP $1,799*

  • Commercial Self Propelled Mower
  • 21″ Cast Aluminium Deck with 11 height adjustments
  • Blade Brake with GXV160 Honda engine & manual throttle
  • 3 Speed Gearbox
  • 70 litre Dacron fabric catcher



Dimensions, Weights And Capacities
Grass Catcher Capacity (l) 70
Wheel Diameter (mm) 200
Adjustable Handle Positions n/a
Weight (kg) 53
Mowing Dacron
Rear Discharge Capability Yes
Wash Port Yes
Snorkel No
Displacement 163cc
Engine GXV160
Fuel Type Unleaded 91
Domestic Warranty 4 years*
Chassis Disc with Swing back blades
Material Cast Aluminium

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