36 V • 3.2 kg

The most powerful battery blower from STIHL. Pleasantly quiet for professional use in urban and noise-sensitive areas. Hand-held operation is ideal for use in narrow and awkward spaces. For extended periods or large areas of work, the dedicated comfort carrying system gives you the option of easily hooking the BGA 200 onto a STIHL harness (sold separately). Switching between hand-held and mounted mode is incredibly quick and easy. The curved shape of the BGA 200 ensures there is no tipping or turning effect on the blower, reducing the strain on your wrist. The second handle and locking throttle make it even more comfortable to use. At the press of a button, the blower tube length can be very easily adapted for different cleaning situations such as cleaning in corners. The comfort carrying system that is sold separately is secured to the belt of an AR backpack battery.

BGA 200 skin only
Order number BA01 011 5900
BGA 200 set with comfort carry system, excluding AR L Battery
and back pack carry system
Order number BA01 200 0000

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