The STIHL HSA 60 cordless hedge trimmer is a powerful tool that allows for efficient and comfortable cutting of large hedges and other plants in your private garden. With its durable EC motor and lithium-ion batteries from the STIHL AK system, the HSA 60 provides a high level of performance and convenience. One of the key features of the HSA 60 is its multifunction handle, which can be rotated by 90° to the left and right at the touch of a button. This allows for ergonomic cutting in different directions, such as when cutting the side or head of a plant. The loop handle also supports energy-saving use, while the laser-cut, diamond-ground and hardened knives ensure precise and quick cutting and trimming of large hedges, shrubs or other plants. The drop-shaped blade geometry with 34 mm tooth spacing helps to hold twigs in the cutting blade and ensure a clean cut with excellent cutting performance. The HSA 60 also comes with an anti-blocking system that allows the cutting blades to run freely again by changing the direction of rotation if stubborn twigs get stuck. The STIHL anti-vibration system reduces vibrations on the handles, which helps to protect your muscles and joints during longer jobs. Additionally, the cutting attachment is protected by a screwed-on guide guard when cutting close to the ground.

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