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Uncompromised Performance

Honda’s mid-tine tillers are tough machines. The F501’s mid-tine configuration delivers the perfect balance of power and manoeuvrability to perform almost any kind of tilling task.

No fuel mixing

Powerful GX160 4-stroke engine


Multi-step height adjustment handle bars

Added user safety

Featuring deadman clutch

Environmentally friendly

Lower emissions, less noise and low fuel consumption

Key Features

More power for bigger jobs

  • Power & Precision

The versatile F501 Tiller is powered by Honda’s flagship GX160 engine and features 2 forward and 1 reverse gears, a 914mm tine width, 280mm tilling depth and multi-step height-adjustable handlebars, making it great for heavy-duty performance.

It’s light and compact for easy transportation, and just perfect for confined areas like vegie patches alongside fences or the corner of a big backyard.

It features a deadman clutch for safety and fold-over handles for convenience. A dual direction off/run/off switch also makes for easy tilling. Just another advantage of owning a Honda.

  • Ready to Plow

Honda leads the world with revolutionary mini 4-stroke engines that deliver more power and use less oil.

With their auto-decompression, electronic ignition and anti-flood primer system, Honda Tillers start first time, every time, year after year.

Superior engineering means Honda Tillers produce less noise and smoke and with their ultra-compact, lightweight design, Honda Tillers are easier to handle and will keep you working longer with less fatigue.

  • Practical
  • Performance & usability

Like the best of Honda’s Power Equipment range, the F501 starts first time, every time with Honda’s famous one pull easy start system. Compared to other, less environmentally-friendly tillers, the F501 offers a low emission, quiet and efficient alternative.

It means you, your soil and your neighbours will all be undisturbed by the fumes and smoke that other competitor models spew out

  • No Fuel Mixing
  • 4-stroke advantage

The F501 Tiller runs on unleaded fuel, so you’ll never get your hands dirty having to mix oil and petrol again just to get the thing going! This is thanks to its 4-Stroke advantage, plus you’ll also get premium power and torque so it’s a win, win! Honda leads the world with revolutionary 4-Stroke engines that deliver more power and use less oil than 2-stroke alternatives.

  • Contractor Quality
  • Environmentally Friendly




RRP $2,299*

  • Tilling width 914mm
  • Tilling depth 280mm
  • GX160 Engine
  • 2 forward gears & 1 reverse
  • 4 Year Warranty


Dimensions, Weights And Capacities
Height (mm) 1,070
Length (mm) 1,405
Width (mm) 955
Dry Weight (kg) 63
Tilling 920
Handle Bars Adjustable
Engine Deadman
Gears 2 FWD / 1 REV
Displacement 163cc
Engine GX160
Fuel Type Unleaded 91
Warranty 1 year
Domestic Warranty 4 years*

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